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Flame Spray Technologies (FST)

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Thermal Spraying is a technology where suppliers, applicators and end-users are equally important. Combining knowledge, sharing know-how and making this information available will advance the coating technology further to the benefit of all parties. As we continue to grow, this is proven to be a success formula.

FST has the experience, knowledge and resources available to provide you with a full support in finding solutions for your specific surface problems or requirements. Our commitment to innovation, quality and service together with hands-on practical expertise enables us to offer the following capabilities and services:

  • Supply of a complete product line, including thermal spray HVOF and plasma spray equipment, turnkey systems, materials and all required consumables.
  • Providing technology transfer to improve existing production processes or to develop new applications, coatings or parameters
  • Give equipment and process support
  • Providing consulting services and perform feasibility studies
  • Advise in spray & masking techniques
  • Performing on-site or off-site robot programming
  • Powder testing and characterization
  • Providing technology, operation and maintenance training programs
  • Initiate or participate in research and development programs
  • Advise in health & safety issues
  • Develop and/or supply machining & post- and pre-treatment techniques

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